Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017

The B world

"Touch Her Deeply".
"Thats it" "touch her like you know she will like it" "put you finger inside her" "first gently against her clit" "now let it slide very slowly into her pussy lips" " move it around" "feel them getting wet" "now remove your finger and gently put it in her mouth" "let her taste herself" "thats it" "look at her" "look at her cock hungry eyes" "put two fingers together and let them slip inside her again" "deep deep inside her cunt" "very slowly i want you to start to move them" "feel her inside" "explore her" "right now"

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  1. Oi...Depois de um tempo afastada, estou retornando aos poucos e retomei um site antigo que eu tinha no Recanto Das Letras...
    Aguardo vc lá...